Gas cookers & Fitted Hob Units

SP Gas and Heating Limited

Can install your gas cooker same day & install cheaper than the retailer.

SP Gas and Heating can 
  • Remove your old gas cooker
  • Provide a safety chain 
  • Install your new gas cooker
  • Fully test & commission your new cooker
  • Alter the gas supply pipe (if required)
  • Install same day
  • Provide certification
Gas cookers must be installed within the current regulations and you can be certain that
SP Gas and Heating will ensure your new appliance is installed correctly.
For example if you live in a flat or other multi dwelling, your gas cooker or hob will be installed with a flame supervision device fitted to each burner.
This ensures the gas is cut off should the flame fail to remain alight.
We can also install your gas hob or burner.
  • Remove your old hob
  • Install your new hob
  • Alter the gas pipe-work (if required)
  • Install same day
  • Fully test and commission your new hob
  • Provide certification
Please be aware that certain terms and conditions apply to installing your appliance. Only arrange an appointment for SP Gas and Heating to install your appliance when it is at the property to which it is being installed. Please fully inspect your appliance prior to SP Gas and Heating attending and ensure the appliance will physically fit in the site to which it is being installed. Also ensure the appliance is suitable for the gas supplied i.e Natural gas (Methane). Other Regulations apply to gas cookers than the ones stated, should we be unable to install your cooker due to these reasons no charges will apply and we can advise you alternatively. It is very important to remember that gas cookers and hob units must be installed by registered installers. Gas appliances installed or maintained incorrectly are potentially hazardous even fatal.

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