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Boiler Breakdown

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Many boiler breakdowns are simple faults which can be cured by yourself.
Check the list to the left some may seem really silly, but it is always better to check these than call an engineer & have them do it!

Please only attempt these if you feel competent enough to do so & do not dismantle any part of any appliance!

If you need to call SP Gas and heating, you can be sure that we are fully qualified to repair your fault.

If you choose another company please keep yourself safe and insist on seeing the engineers Gas Safe Identification card.

On the card is a date to check to see if the qualifications he or she holds are still relevant.

Please do not feel uncomfortable asking for this information. 

If you have tried the basics on the column to the right and are still not getting warm contact me on

07887 530 500

0161 270 1055


Is the timer calling for heat?

Check the timeswitch, clock or programmable thermostat & that it is calling for heat.
For example you may have a combi boiler & the hot water is working but the heating is not. 
Make sure thermostats are turned up and any other controls are switched on.


Check your electricity supply.

Has the spur switch been switched off?
this is the electrical isolating switch usually located near the boiler which looks a little like a light switch.
Is your boiler on a plug?
check to see if the boiler has been unplugged, by accident maybe?


Check your gas supply.

 It may seem obvious but you may be on a pre-payment meter which has run out of gas. Check at the meter to make sure there is enough credit.
Check another gas outlet such as lighting the cooker or gas fire to check that your gas supply is on.


Is the pilot lit?

Many older appliances have pilot lights these can blow out if the appliance flue is in an exposed spot.
Check to see if it is lit, if not, follow the appliance instructions to re-light.

If you smell gas!

Follow these steps if you think you can smell gas.


Turn off the gas at the gas supply.


Open doors & windows.


Call National Grid on

0800 111 999

If National grid have been to your property and made the installation safe, contact SP Gas and Heating to get it restored on:

07887 530 500

0161 270 1055
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