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Combination Boilers


We supply and install combination boilers to suit a range of different homes and requirements.

We also can offer extended guarantees on a range of models.

If you require a combination boiler exchange for a more energy efficient model or a system upgrade from a conventional boiler and hot water tank, you can rest assured we can carry out the work for a very competetive price and of course to the very highest standards of workmanship.

We can currently install a combination boiler exchange to an 'A' rated energy efficient model
from as little as £950 supplied and installed.


We are based in Timperley WA15 and cover a wide area - please contact us for more information.

A combination boiler eliminates the need for a seperate hot water storage cylinder (hot water tank) so can be space saving.

They are also highly efficient and can save you large amounts on your gas bills.

We can offer a 10 year warranty on Vaillant and Baxi boilers - please ask for details.

We also can upgrade your existing system and add thermostatic controls to your radiators to save even more on your bills whilst giving you extra controllability to your existing radiators.

In many cases your radiators will not need to be changed to accommodate your new boiler.

See below for some frequentley asked questions regarding combination boilers.

This is a conventional (old fashioned boiler with a seperate hot water tank) boiler sited in a cellar.

We removed this boiler and replaced it with a combi boiler in another corner of the cellar.

The customer was glad of the extra space in the bathroom when we had removed the old tanks.

This boiler was over 30 years old and the customers gas bills were getting a little expensive

Although very reliable these boilers have very high running costs and are not very efficient, by todays standards.

The pipe-work was not insulated, which led to heat loss in the cellar where not required.

This is a picture after the new boiler was installed.

The customer even gained some extra room in the cellar!

All the old controls; pump, valves, cylinder thermostat were removed.

The pipe-work was lagged and insulated to prevent any heat loss where it was not required.

We installed thermostatic radiator valves on the radiators in the living areas and a programmable thermostat, so the customer has full control over the system. 

Frequently asked questions regarding combination boilers.

If I have a combi boiler replacement do I have to change my radiators?
  • You normally don't have to change your radiators provided they are water tight and not blocked with sludge.
How much is a replacement combination boiler?
  • Our prices start from £950 upwards. It all depends on which manufacturer and the site requirements.
How long does it take to replace my combi boiler?
  • A combination boiler swap is normally a days work. If the system requires an upgrade this can sometimes take up to 4 days.
How long is the guarantee for?
  • All boilers and workmanship is fully guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months from the commissioning date of the appliance. Some manufacturers offer extended guarantees, depending on manufacturer and model.
How much is a quotation/site survey?
  • written quotations and site surveys are free and no obligation to purchase.
Do I need to pay any money up front, or a deposit?
  • No, the balance is payable upon completion.


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