Servicing/Annual Gas Checks


To ensure your gas appliances are operating efficiently, effectively and safely, it is important to have them checked every 12 months.

SP Gas and Heating checks all appliances, the gas supply and issues a certificate for a fixed price of £65.

We also send a reminder through the post 1 month before the check is due so we can arrange a date in good time - your appliances are always up to date.

There is a list of frequently asked questions regarding servicing at the bottom of the page.

As standard we check the following on the gas supply:
  • Check the gas supply is sound and that there are no leaks
  • Check the gas is the correct pressure to ensure your appliances are working to their optimum
  • Visually check the pipework is of the correct material and the routing of the pipework is satisfactory
  • Check the emergency control is operating effectively
  • Ensure your gas supply & metering has the correct labelling
  • Check the gas supply pressure to your appliances.

We also check as standard the following on the appliances:
  • The location is suitable
  • The flue / chimney is of the correct materials and routing as it should be
  • The operating pressure to your appliances
  • The safety device is operating effectively
  • The ventilation is correct
  • The visual condition of any flues
  • Check the performance of all flues
  • Perform a combustion analysis on the appliances, as required.
A Mandatory requirement is that we ALWAYS ISSUE A CERTIFICATE to prove the above checks have been carried out!

On the certificate will be:
  • Our company registration number
  • Operative license number
  • Contact details, land line, mobile, email address
  • Company address
  • Job address name and details of homeowner / tenant
  • Client or landlord details.

When checking a Worcester 35cdi like the one pictured, we carry out all the other checks listed. We also clean out the condensate trap to prevent it from blocking up resulting in failure of the appliance.

We use dust sheets to protect the area we work in to minimise the mess and disruption to your property.

This boiler was installed in 2008 by SP Gas and Heating and has been safety checked every year since, just like the vast majority of appliances which are routinely checked this one has not broken down or needed to have the pressure altered by the homeowner.

At your request we can set your timings settings to ensure your appliance is operating as and when you require it to do so.

This picture shows an operating pressure test.

Checking the the combustion ratio of gas boilers is now compulsory for newly installed boilers as it is for existing installations.

This Ideal Independent was installed on the third of March 2014 for a landlord in Timperley, Altrincham and the Combustion check is part of the commissioning proceedure.

Even if your boiler was installed by another company we can still check this annually for you.

This is the current style of gas safety certificate which we issue.

If you would like your copy posted to your address, for example if you are a landlord, we can do this for no extra charge.

Or if you prefer not to have a paper copy and have one scanned and emailed to your inbox we can also do this free of charge.

This picture shows a soundness test (checking for gas escapes) and 
is a requirement that this is completed whenever ANY gas work is carried out in your property.

We always test for gas soundness and document our findings on your certificate.

If you would prefer a printed proof of the gas test we can also provide this (extra charges apply)

We also check the pressure to the property is correct. This is essential to maintaining the safe and efficient operation of your appliance(s).

Another requirement is that your meter is installed correctly and labelled accordingly.

Frequently asked questions regarding servicing / safety checks.

Why should I have one carried out?
  • If you have an extended manufacturers guarantee (we can get up to 7 years on some boilers) it is a part of the agreement.
  • If you are a landlord or are responsible for renting a property its the law! No getting around it i'm afraid, 
  • Modern 'A' rated boilers must have the combustion ratio checked and recorded, otherwise they may not be burning efficiently.
  • Any potential hazards can be identified before they become serious or even life threatening.

My boiler is not working will the service/check sort this out?
  • No servicing / safety checking the appliance will NOT correct any faults.

How long is the certificate valid?
  • 12 months from the date of issue.

What happens if you find something's dangerous?

  • If we can we will put right with your permission (extra charges may apply). All gas engineers who carry out gas work must follow the Gas industry Unsafe situations proceedure GIUSP. We will make you aware of the hazard and let you know what is required to put it right.

How much does an annual safetycheck cost?

  • We curently charge £50

How can I pay?

  • Cash Cheque or transfer upon completion.

How long does the check take?
  • Depending on how many appliances the check takes around 1 - 2 hours.

How do I arrange a safety check?
  • Call 07887 530 500 / 0161 943 4884 or email

I work weekdays, can you do my check at the weekend or evenings?

  • Yes, please ask when you call. We can carry out the work to suit your requirements.

SP Gas and Heating Limited call Steve now on:

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